Our Initiatives

3 Forestry Initiatives

ConnectGreen Forestry initiatives are an excellent choice for your commitment to carbon sequestration and emission reduction. As our forests mature, they serve as invaluable carbon sinks, absorbing atmospheric CO2 and mitigating the impacts of climate change. Through rigorous monitoring and verification protocols, we quantify and certify the carbon stored within our forests.

Our Initiatives

6 Rewilding Initiatives

Our holistic approach not only facilitates carbon sequestration but also promotes biodiversity, enhances ecosystem services, and safeguards against environmental degradation. ConnectGreen Rewilding Initiatives are a commitment to reintroducing native flora and fauna, and reestablishing vital ecological connections. By allowing nature to reclaim its rightful place, we’re fostering resilient ecosystems capable of withstanding the ravages of climate change. As with all ConnectGreen Initiatives, the Carbon Sequestration from rewilding efforts are rigorously verified, quantified and certified.

Our Initiatives

3 Rewetting Initiatives

Through strategic rewetting efforts, we’re reversing decades of damage, allowing these carbon-rich landscapes to once again thrive as natural carbon sinks. The restoration of peatlands not only sequesters significant amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide but also mitigates the release of harmful greenhouse gases, safeguarding against further environmental degradation. Naturally, we rigorously monitor and verify, quantify and certify the carbon stored within our peatland initatives.

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