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More about us

What we do:

ConnectGreen provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to facilitate businesses on their journey to net-zero emissions while helping landowners maximize Return on Investment from their land.

Guaranteed, Verified, Certified:

Our platform connects businesses seeking to reduce their carbon footprint with landowners who implement carbon offset projects. Unlike in other carbon markets, our certificates verify and guarantee that the carbon you have purchased was sequestered.

Sustainable Land Use:

ConnectGreen promotes sustainable land use practices, empowering landowners to participate in initiatives that prioritize environmental conservation and restoration. From carbon farming to agroforestry, we support projects that enhance biodiversity, protect ecosystems, and promote climate resilience.


Our goal of protecting natural habitats starts with local communities. Each project helps to preserve biodiversity and fight climate change. We are committed to give back to our local communities and promote their surrounding environments. This is the pledge we make to ourselves and to our users.